Airome Essential Oil Energy Boost Gift Set


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      This gift set is specially curated with some of our favorite essential oil blends for the most common natural wellness needs.

      Set includes Breathe In, Guard Against, and Head Up in a gift box.  

      • All-natural essential oils are free of harsh chemicals.
      • Airomé Essential oils are certified 100% pure, therapeutic grade.
      • Oils can be diffused, or diluted with a carrier oil and used topically.
      • Have a spa-like aromatherapy experience in your own home. 

            USAGE TIPS:

            Diffuser: Add 1 drop oil per 20 ml of water and diffuse to create balanced and peaceful feelings.

            Air Freshener: Add a few drops to a spray bottle, shake well and use as a air freshener.

            Enhance Meditation: Use during yoga or meditation to help put you in a peaceful place.

            Feel Relaxed: Diffuse or dilute and use topically when feeling anxious, stressed, or restless.

            Linen Mist: Add a few drops to a spray bottle, shake well and use as a linen mist.

            Laundry Freshener: Add a 1-2 drops to a dryer sheet or dryer ball to freshen laundry as it dries.

            Natural Deodorizer: Combine with tea tree or lavender to use as a natural deodorizer.

            Scalp Massage: Combine with carrier oil, rosemary and lavender for a scalp massage promoting healthy hair.

            Use Before Bed: Dilute and apply to feet at bedtime to promote calm feelings.

            Moisturizer: Use with a carrier oil as a natural skin moisturizer.

            Set the Mood: Add to a carrier oil and apply to pulse points to set the mood.

            Encourage Relaxation: Add to carrier oil and apply to temples and/or neck to encourage relaxation when feeling tension or stress.

            Healthy Habits: Combine with grapefruit and a carrier oil and apply to wrists and chest for encouragement when dieting and exercising.

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